The end result of cooler fall weather

Written by Dr. Dolittle on November 17, 2009 – 11:52 am -

Teddy Snoopy Rascal

Ahhh fall is in the air. Crisp days and chilly nights create some strange bedfellows. Poor Snoopy doesn’t have much hair, so when housemates pile on, she doesn’t mind too much. The added warmth overcomes her aversion to the cat. Even Rascal will cease tormenting Snoopy long enough for a nap.

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Drama outside the back door

Written by Dr. Dolittle on November 4, 2009 – 1:41 pm -

spider with sphinx moth

Stepping outside early one evening I was amazed to see real life drama happening just above my head. At first I couldn’t understand how a sphinx moth could be flying in a perfect circle. Knowing that had to near impossible, I stepped closer for a better look. One strand of a spider web had the moth held fast, causing the circular motion.

The moth’s frantic efforts to free itself stretched the web until I could see the spider just barely above the moth. The photo is out of focus and not very crisp because of the motion and lack of light, but it does capture the poor moth becoming dinner.

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Rain Rain go away…

Written by Dr. Dolittle on November 4, 2009 – 9:08 am -

flooded bayou left

We are close to setting a new October record for rainfall in our neck of the woods. That means people in low lying areas are in misery. Folks all around us are using boats as the only means to get to their homes. I pass one home built on stilts that has a party barge tied to the front porch, evidently their means of reaching home. Businesses on the area lakes are suffering because they are totally surrounded or completely flooded by water and paying customers can’t get to them.
We’re up on a hill so we aren’t in the thick of it, but lots of our friends are staying in motels or with relatives. Sad part is, there is no end in sight. No one is predicting when the rain will finally stop or when the waters will go back to normal levels.

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