The slob fairy stops here.

Written by Dr. Dolittle on January 15, 2010 – 1:06 pm -

There is definitely something odd about the utility room in our house. Maybe there is slob dust on the floor. Or perhaps some invisible gas is causing our usually bright and perky pets to turn into blobs of fur looking for all the world like they need to go crash to sleep something off. Teddy & Rascal found themselves in similar positions while sitting in the same room. The photos were taken days apart and we we’re pretty sure the dog didn’t teach the cat how to sit like this, but around here you never can tell.

ladylike Rascal

Teddy relaxing

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2 Comments to “The slob fairy stops here.”

  1. jason Says:

    Too funny! I bet they’re both trying out for the role of Jabba the Hutt in the next “Star Wars” sequel. Would it be too cruel to tell them there won’t be another sequel?

  2. Dr. Dolittle Says:

    Funny you should mention Jabba the Hutt cause that is exactly what I was telling Teddy he looked like when I took this photo. Thanks for stopping by!

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