Fat Cat

Written by Dr. Dolittle on January 17, 2011 – 11:33 am -

donut eating Smudge

Chickens squawking. Rabbits hopping around their pens. Cows mooing for breakfast. Ahhh, life on a farm. It will take nearly all day to tend these hungry critters, so we enjoy a coffee break every now and then, and what is coffee without a donut to go with it? Lurking in the shadows is our donut monster, Smudge. No matter how we try to sneak a package of donuts past that cat, they will both show up about the same time. Mister fussy won’t eat any off the ground. We have to find a barrel or board, something to keep the poor spoiled cat from having to eat his treat right from the dirt. Strange, the other cats don’t have a problem with dirt, just Smudge.

Smudge always licks the sugar off the donut before he eats it proving the obvious, the cat has a sweet tooth. No wonder he’s twice the size of the other two cats, who by the way don’t like donuts. Smudge is just one of many “different” critters here that think themselves as special. I wonder who let them believe that?

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