Texas Burning

Written by Dr. Dolittle on September 7, 2011 – 7:46 pm -

sunset through smoke

Hell has moved to Texas. We have spent days watching the sky only to have our worst fears materialize before our eyes, smoke. We are on fire here with no end in sight. We have fire personnel from several states, the National Guard and borrowed equipment from anyone that will lend it and still these fires are not contained. We have had no appreciable rainfall since the month of April and everything is the driest we have ever seen it. Over 30,000 acres have burned north of Jefferson and we have a fire less than half a mile from our home. There are several more fires in northeast Texas, most of them uncontrolled and running wild. There is no rain in the forecast at all, so we are on our own.

Friends have already lost their homes and many more have been evacuated to shelters. People who have no experience fire fighting are out there with tractors or other farm equipment attempting to help stop this inferno. Why is northeast Texas burning so? Because most of the rest of the state has already burned.


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